Pipa Bella

This is an application which sells women’s accessories in India, Singapore and US providing a unique purchase experience. Client also provides accessories to actors in India for promotion. The website has multiple signup plans where retailers can sign up within the website and buy products in bulk for their own selling. Users can also directly sign in to the website and purchase products. There are several promotional campaigns on the site. The site is also providing the option to create your own bundle products and purchase it. The site is mobile friendly. Created automatic multiple sub store functionality for retailers. We have created custom sections where retailer of the month is displaying in the site based on the amount of purchase. Website was integrated with Amazon seller central account for B2B. Created custom discount rules, Social media promotional code. Created custom reports in admin based on the active/inactive retailers in the last 3 months. Created custom extension for warehouse where client is maintaining those products which are for promotional use. Implemented cache extensions and functionality where it will display pricing option region wise.